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June 10, 2008

TV executives worried about Olympic media rules

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It seems like the IOC has been continuously bending over for the CCP regime with constant comprimises to the agreements that they had when they awarded China the games.  The CCP regime has violated the agreement which states that it would improve human rights and open media allowance to foreign journalists before the Olympics.  Both have become worse.     

The CCP can not compromise it’s evilness without being threatened by dissident activity, it just can’t let loose one bit without feeling it’s hold on power weakened.  If it improves human rights, people will protest, it it opens media, people will know what it is hiding.  So how can this regime allow any openness?  It can’t so the one who ends up making the compromises are the IOC, who wants it’s business to go well, and the media who are like dogs who will take whatever slab of meat they can get and they will sacrifice morality and integrity to get their precious sports coverage.  It is really sad, I don’t blame the media, they want their sports coverage understandably, but this is getting ridiculous, to the point where this brutal regime is just guiding everyone along with money leverage.

Remembering Musician-Singer Yu Zhou—Killed By the CCP Under the Guise of the Olympics

I dont think the worlds people are THAT big of suckers, at least I hope not.  I hope the people will not sacrifice principles for the superficial crap thats left of the Olympics.  I want the Olympics to be fun, but the CCP is making it into a tool of repression and stealing the Olympics from everyone who just wants to have a fun healthy thing.  Corruption is humanities downfall )- :

When this all comes to light and people wake up, everyone who contributes to this regimes repression and violence will be considered a morally bankrupt counterpart in corruption and despotism.  Whether it be through selling censorship technology, censoring important issues etc. , people are being tortured and murdered because of peoples negligence and greed, so I think this Olympics should be one where the world turns itself around, says NO to this regime and says YES to the true spirit of the Olympics.


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