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May 30, 2008

Sharon Stone talks about karma and everyone gets freaked out about it!

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So many people making comments that Sharon Stone is so cold because she asked if maybe the earthquake in China was the result of the country’s karma. She is a friend of the Dalai Lama so she sees the harm that the Chinese goverment has done to those people all the while lying and cheating to the Chinese people.

Karma is not so simple as some people think. You can’t forget that karma is connected to the idea of multiple lifetimes, so people may be innocent children in this lifetime, but they have lived many many times and the karma is on this scale. This is what I have learned about karma.  To people who believe in karma, all their sufferings are due to wrong actions committed over countless lifetimes, so maybe that’s what Sharon Stone believes.



  1. Actually Sharon Stone was quite correct about the earthquake being caused by China’s bad karma as a nation. Burma also has plenty has plenty of bad karma.

    Besides indivial karma from multiple lifetimes, there is group karma earned by people as a group. See more info on group karma at

    Comment by Dave — June 8, 2008 @ 11:39 am | Reply

  2. Does that mean all the Tibetians killed in the region also have bad karma? 😦

    Comment by ag — July 12, 2008 @ 12:25 am | Reply



    Comment by liset — November 11, 2008 @ 9:12 am | Reply

  4. good question,

    When I posted this, I searched for that and I found this picture there.
    My understanding is that karma is justice, so that has the balance for a sign, for one.

    I actually believe in karma, and I believe in it because I believe in justice. I think that good begets good and bad begets bad, so…. that’s my understanding of what karma really is and how it is a good thing and a really old concept. Let me know if you find anything, Thanks.

    Comment by carryanne — November 24, 2008 @ 11:56 pm | Reply

  5. yeah, i agree with that.
    but, the text also tell about reincarnation. we can be a human or an animal in the past or future…

    if we are doing bad things to animals, and that animal is said to be our parent, we will have bad karma, as if we are doing bad to our own parents. who agree with this?

    Comment by hen — January 19, 2009 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

    • I would say that Buddhist people (and maybe others) would think that is reasonable. I think that when you believe that an animal is a soul like others, and a rock and a tree, you DO have to be careful, not because it could be your mother, but because it is a person and one should not hurt anyone (specially mother). Hurting anyone will give you bad karma.

      But the animal is an interesting issue because most people kill animals for food (or indirectly). I think that is pretty normal, its not as though they kill them out of spite. But I do think that when one eats an animal out of greed instead of hunger, then that is a bit iffy…

      Also, maybe there are some people who already have bad karma, so they are in the position to be killed as a pork pig or something. But that said, it does not at all justify wrong doing or abuse done by anyone…

      Basically, I mean that people who believe in this kind of stuff do have to be quite careful not to do things to hurt anyone because that would be the source of their own pain or something like that. So I think Buddhism and these practices are really serious.

      Comment by carryanne — January 24, 2009 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

  6. ag,

    I don’t see why not. Just because one is Tibetan means he has no karma? I doubt it. Maybe a Tibetan is mild and kind, but one who has NO karma would be like a Buddha, would be perfect, and yeah, would have no misfortune. If you have karma, it doesn’t mean you are BAD, but just not perfect and different people would have different amounts according to what they have done throughout the many lifetimes. That’s how I see it..

    Comment by carryanne — January 24, 2009 @ 12:50 pm | Reply

  7. i see some viharas let people burn something (like money made by paper), or chanting. they say that if we do that, we can reduce our bad karma. is it the true teaching or an upgrade made by some monks?
    thank you for the information.

    Comment by hen — January 26, 2009 @ 4:16 am | Reply

    • Good question…

      I would have to say that I don’t know if it was added in by monks or whether it was taught by a genuine Buddha. Either way, I would say that it is not directly related to reducing karma.

      Sometimes things like ritual are used to enhance the state of concentration. Or sometimes they can help you focus your thoughts. Or it can be symbolic. Like if you burn paper money, it could be symbolic of the willingness in the heart to give up the addiction to materials and money. I think that since Buddha’s can see your heart, the act of burning the money is not necessary to have that heart, but that’s just my opinion. I think that’s what it is, an expression of a willingness to abandon materials.

      Or it could be ancestor worship, burning money so it goes over to the other side, that doesn’t sound like Buddhism though, and these are Buddhists…

      What I have learned about reducing karma, is that it is related to paying for wrong deeds, doing good deeds, and changing ones attitude, so as to be pure and create no more karma. So the burning of paper would be an indirect ,and in my opinion, unnecessary step.

      Sorry I couldn’t answer your exact question… It’s interesting though, I’m sure you could find out somehow, maybe…?

      Comment by carryanne — January 30, 2009 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

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