No More Chinese Communist Party

May 23, 2008

Why are many Chinese people against truthfulness?

This article is a nice illustration of a troubling issue that is surfacing for people to see, the issue of the people rejecting truth as if it were a troublesome phenomenon.  That is only my way of putting it though.  I think that the people have been indoctrinated by the CCP to keep truth away.  The CCP has told Chinese people that free press and freedom of expression are precursors to chaos and instability and that people must all think alike.  But that is just to keep them away from the truth about the CCP, so effectually the Chinese people are doing the CCP’s dirty work against themselves unknowingly.

Another explanation could be that the Chinese people are just really depressed and don’t care about the truth because it is more than they are prepared to deal with. I read a really touching article from CDT that really made me feel a bit better.


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