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May 17, 2008

The Rights of Chinese People are the Internal Affairs of the CCP, Small Earthquake Donations are Openly Mocked

I read on China Rises that the Chinese propaganda media had a big headline today mocking the small contribution made to earthquake victims by the US gov’t.  I personally think that is hugely distasteful, to just come out and embarrass someone who has made a charitable donation.  These donations are voluntary, they are not obligatory, so who can say anything about the amount donated? It is so rude.

Anyway, this might sound rude as well, but the state of China’s relations with various countries at this time seems quite grave. What I have come to understand is that these relations are generally very hostile and that is the unfortunate plain truth.  The biggest issue I guess would be “human rights”.  The people in China do not have them, and some people outside China want to stand up for people in China who can’t stand up in China because they will be tortured etc. The idea of standing up for people who are repressed and who are under threat is within the moral conscience of western people and all people.

I am just thinking that is doesn’t quite feel right that the CCP is doggin’ on USA for being cheap on donations when the USA has been dogged constantly by the CCP to stay out of their internal affairs (human rights).  The CCP will not allow freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, legal justice, …  So how is someone like me supposed to believe that the CCP actually cares about Chinese people?

The reason so many buildings collapsed was partially because the building industry is so corrupt and costs were cut to line officials’ and managers/ pockets. The CCP is well aware of this and can’t stop the corruption because it itself based on corruption. There have been many incidents where the same stealing has occurred at the expense of disaster relief under CCP. Corruption is the state politic and is the biggest problem in China (what more can you ask for with no justice system?).  I am not suggesting that donating is not good. It is good if it is going to people, not the CCP.

The problem is that a lot of the controversies these days in the blog world anyway seem to give the impression that Chinese people think that the CCP is good.  If Chinese people think CCP is good, then are they also against human rights?  And if people are against human rights, then it ads a very dark side to the whole thing.

I know my tone is very dark.  It’s just a bad feeling I have with respect to China/world relations.  That CCP has good connections with corrupt and dubious regimes around the world and is constantly coercing others to accept the anti-human rights stance.  It asks people to take sides on this type of thing.  It is just not looking good for China right now.

Human Rights Watch

China has taken an increasingly active role in international affairs in recent years, in a number of cases blocking independent U.N. investigations into country situations, asserting that the issues under discussion are “the internal affairs” of that country.

At the U.N. Security Council, China was one of several countries initially unwilling to refer the situation in the Darfur region of Sudan to the International Criminal Court in 2005. In the end, rather than veto the measure, China abstained and the referral was made. China reportedly also has used its position on the council’s Sanctions Committee for Darfur to impede identification of individuals responsible for arms trade into and offensive military flights over Darfur.

China also has played an important role in blocking the Security Council from addressing systematic human rights abuses by Burma’s military government. China is Burma’s largest investor and supplier of economic and military aid.

In May 2005, two weeks after the Uzbek army killed hundreds of civilians in Andijan, Uzbekistan, the Chinese government greeted Uzbek’s president in Beijing with a twenty-one-gun salute and failed to endorse calls for an independent international investigation into the Andijan violence. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, composed of Russia, China, and four Central Asian states, characterized the Andijan incident as a terrorist plot.

The Chinese government refuses to cooperate with the U.N. special rapporteur on North Korea and refuses to allow the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees access to border areas where most North Koreans reside.

White paper on human rights from Peoples (Porpaganda) Daily

Over a long period in the UN activities in the human rights field, China has firmly opposed to any country making use of the issue of human rights to sell its own values, ideology, political standards and mode of development, and to any country interfering in the internal affairs of other countries on the pretext of human rights, the internal affairs of developing countries in particular, and so hurting the sovereignty and dignity of many developing countries. Together with other developing countries, China has waged a resolute struggle against all such acts of interference, and upheld justice by speaking out from a sense of fairness. China has always maintained that human rights are essentially matters within the domestic jurisdiction of a country. Respect for each country’s sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs are universally recognized principles of international law, which are applicable to all fields of international relations, and of course applicable to the field of human rights as well. A True Chinese Renaissance


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