No More Chinese Communist Party

May 17, 2008

In America, you really are allowed to speak your mind.

I only want to use this as an illustration of how Americans indeed have the right to say what they need to say, for justice. The American gov’t is not given the right to manage the peoples mindsets as is the case in China where only party sanctioned voices are allowed to be heard (when the party can control it). It may take place, indeed, due to greed and corruption, but there are still rights that people have and they are really important for stability, keeping things on a certain level of openness and accountability, giving credit to the people and their worth. The CCP claims that the party’s lying machine is the key to stability, keeping the thoughts of all Chinese people unified, but you can’t force people to deceive their innermost understandings and the party’s thorough attempt to do that is actually making China crazy, not stable.

ex:Countdown Special Comment to President Bush: “Shut the hell up.”


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