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May 16, 2008

What is the Connection Between Animals and Earthquakes?

China has suffered a tremendous quake, also Burma –Objective Free Burma-just a few days before that, suffered a devastating cyclone. Is there something to learn from these huge disasters, or is it just a meaningless coincidental earthly phenomenon? So that is why I am asking what the connection between animals and earthquakes.

“Incidentally, I read the news about “a strange phenomenon that occurred just before the big earthquake, in which several thousand toads in the city of Mianzhu in the same province started moving all at once”. It is said in Japan that catfish act very violently, and in a book about earthquakes that I once read, it was noted that an earthquake occurred after a snake was confirmed to be slithering on the top of snow. I guess there was some kind of change underground that roused the snake out of hibernation. I have had experiences myself in which I was woken up in the middle of the night by the loud barking of neighborhood dogs, and then an earthquake hit right afterwards. This kind of abnormal behavior in animals is apparently referred to under the title of “macro-anomaly”, and it is thought that such animals are perceiving electromagnetic or chemical changes.”

Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?

Here is some interesting insight from some native Canadian/American people:

Everything is changing. There is no rain, and only the wind is coming by and sending messages of how it is out here. All the suffering going on in this country with the tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes is carried on the breath of Mother Earth because she is in pain. Even the animals are talking now, and we can see some of them disappearing from the earth.

Roberta Blackgoat, Dineh, Declaration on Independence

The Iroquois were people of the Great League of Peace, and I have honored, loved, and respected that, feeling that it was a blessing coming into this incarnation. I believe that we are reincarnated individuals that we have had many lives. And that today we are a sum total of all those past lives. It is my understanding that we enter into this Earth Walk because we have made mistakes in the past, and we come back to work toward perfection. We work toward perfection so that we can attain the ultimate goal of becoming Spirit People again. I recognize and embrace that we are given many options and choices along that pathway. .

We are instructed to search our roots, and in so doing we would find the peace and protection under the Great Tree, which is our symbol of the Iroquois Confederacy, the original five nations who chose to govern their people by peace. What I feel is so important today is that we work toward getting back onto the Pathway of Peace again.

Sarah Smith, Six Nations, Under the Tree of Peace

My tribe, Tulalip, in the Northwest, comes from fishing people. All of our legends are linked to the salmon. Salmon was like corn to the Iroquois, or the buffalo to the Sioux. We had ceremonies that were outlawed for over a hundred years in Washington State. Our potlatches, give-aways, were considered a threat to the economy of the U.S. Our reservation was one of the first to revive the salmon ceremony. We had a song for every different species of Salmon, as welcoming ceremonies. When the salmon were pushing upriver to spawn, you weren’t allowed to make loud noises, because it was like a nursery.

Janet McCloud, Tulalip The Elder’s Circle

Cree Indian people learn how to listen to the environment, to the wind, to the rocks. We learn how to listen to everything. Some of the elders are saying that our young people need help to get back to “The Listening.”

This is everything in the Cree teachings. Our young people have forgotten. White people forgot how a long time ago. They all need to come back and learn how to do this. There can be no real respect unless we learn how to listen to each other, not to hear what we want to hear, but to hear the truth.

The Cree philosophy and teaching is the key to understanding that life is about the sobriety of the mind, body, and spirit. That’s why Indian people are so lost today, because we’ve gotten away from that.

Vernon Harper, Eighth Fire Cree ation


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