No More Chinese Communist Party

May 16, 2008

microcosmic cold war!

Okay, so I have recently figured out that blogging about China is not that fun.  There is a lot of bad news, controversy, hatred,misinformation, fanaticism and the like.  But I feel fine because I don’t want to do it because it’s fun, that was not my intention.  I want to participate in this communication because I think I have a perspective to offer.  So despite this being more difficult than I thought, I will continue to post.

This is a silly post. I thought the way this was written by BBC was really cool, so I linked it with the whole cold war idea that communists were a scourge that needed to be stopped from spreading.

The Perigord black truffle is one of the most highly regarded truffles, fetching around 600 to 800 euros per kg this season.

“It is the most famous and appreciated among the black truffles, and is the most important truffle in French cuisine,” says Claude Murat, a fungus expert based at the University of Torino, Italy.

Yet, its very existence is now threatened by the Chinese black truffle, a close relative that looks similar, but has almost no taste at all.

A team led by Murat has discovered this alien species growing on a plantation in Italy, meaning it is now growing in the wild in Europe.

“We dreaded it and it has happened,” the scientists warn in their research paper. The concern is that the Chinese invader will out-compete its revered European relative.

Worse, it may even be able to interbreed with the Perigord black truffle, potentially replacing it altogether with a hybrid.

It also reminds me of the cheap goods we buy from China, and they break so easily.  Things are really not made like they used to be.  This also reminds me of the criticisms of building structures in China that grow like weeds but do not have good foundations and have overall less quality. I would say this is due largely to the religion of superficiality in China as well as vast and serious corruption on the part of the officials and construction companies.

The PM of China is getting some compliments for not responding like a dictator during the earthquake.  But I would say that the CCP is suffering a legitimacy crisis, and it always makes concessions when it is facing such a crisis.  What I wonder though is how much more proof people need to understand that that party does not value human beings.  It really seems in China, justice is reversed.

The European Trade Commissioner has been advised by his officials that the Asian countries, which together export 215 million pairs of leather shoes to Europe each year, are selling them at a lower price than the cost of the materials, putting the jobs of thousands of European shoe manufacturers at risk.

China shoe firms in EU spotlight


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