No More Chinese Communist Party

May 11, 2008

Let’s Not Forget About North Korea

Hi, Tibet is big on the agenda now and that is really great, but what’s with North Korea?
Here is a really nifty presentation on the situation in NK.
The North Korean Human Rights Crisis
The Olympic Torch Relay has passed through South Korea recently and a lot of controversy has followed.
Some fighting broke out among the different groups of spectators and protesters. My impression is that the Chinese ultra nationalists think that pro Human rights means anti China… Thats my impression. So the ultranationalists will make fools of themselves by being against people who want human rights, like the North Koreans and South Koreans who want CCP to stop sending escapees of NK back to NK where they will be killed and tortured, and where they were probably starving. I suppose China is one of or N.K’s only trading partner as well and the CCP is a friend of the communist party in N.K.
I don’t exactly understand how people can be so against basic human rights, how people can endorse lying, accept so much corruption, watch the land be destroyed, treat Tibetans, Falun Gong etc. people as if wanting basic rights is a traitorous crime, support a backward justice system, and all because the middle class has more money… I will have to work harder to understand…
Heres a video about S.Koreans kidnapped by N.Koreans, creepy.
Secret Victims – North Korea
And one about a family who escaped from N. Korea.
Escape from North Korea – North Korea


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