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May 8, 2008

Zhang Ping fired from magazine for rational look at Tibet

Zhang Ping (or Chen Ping) lost his post as editor of a Chinese magazine because he wasn’t accurately following the party line on Tibet. I think the party line requires people not to use common sense but to simply follow the fervour of indoctrined party-patriotism. Mr.Ping has written a beautiful statement about how he feels working for the party, using his position to spread lies to the people.  


From China Rising,

The University of California at Berkeley’s China Media Project translated one of Zhang’s recent blog posts. Titled My Cowardice and Impotence, here is an excerpt:

I am afraid of other people praising me as a brave newspaperman, because I know I am full of fear in my heart. I did write some commentaries on current affairs, and edited some articles that exposed the truth. I lost my job and was threatened for speaking the truth. However, to be honest, these were exceptional cases. They were my miscalculations. In my various media positions in the past decade, what I’ve practiced most is avoiding risk. Self-censorship has become part of my life. It makes me disgusted with myself.

Some of my peers are proud of their censorship skills, and like to show it off to employers. I have similar skills, and I am using them everyday. But I am deeply uncomfortable with it. I feel ashamed about it, just like an executioner knows that he is good at killing.

I could console myself by saying that I am not alone in avoiding risks. There are risks in all professions, and everybody has to know how to control it… However, the media industry is different. I participate in telling lies to the public whenever I cancel a good news story, whenever I delete a sentence of truth, if we regard the media as a public good.

I could also excuse my cowardice by saying that tens of thousands of jobs are at stake if I speak the truth. I should take responsibility for others who rely on the publication for a living… However, I have to admit that I wouldn’t have the courage to speak out, if there were not so many colleagues associated with me, or if I was required to make sacrifices to secure their jobs. How can I use others as my fig leaf and pretend to be noble?

…Compared to the importance of the media to the society, what I’ve done is very limited. I should be ashamed of taking such an important position in this industry and not doing more. I should be more ashamed when I get honors for my work.

Even if I don’t have the courage and capacity to do more than I can do now, I should at least live honestly and conscientiously, and be aware of my cowardice and impotence.


According to the China Digital Times, Chinese people have been condemning Mr. Ping as a traitor for his words on media censorship.  A columnist of Beijing Evening News wrote:

This individual had brought free speech to an appalling or even terrifying degree”, the columnist said.

This falls into the CCP brainwashing that human rights like freedom of speech are frightening and will destroy China, this threat of chaos is very effective at getting people to consent to be lied to.

The controversial article that had him fired (as I understand it) is:  How To Find The Truth About Lhasa? available thanks to Danwei

The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders, an advocacy group for freedom of speech, issued this statement about Zhang’s firing.

Chinese people are also attacking Reporters Without Borders, you can read there statement about that as well. Also, 

Repression of journalists continues with two more arrests

Reporters without Borders has suggested wearing an armband that says Freedom in Chinese characters like the one above. Click here 

It has been suggested by another group that anyone who wants change for China human rights should sport something orange, anything, at Olympics time.  I read that here.


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