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May 7, 2008

Falun Gong marching band asks for an apology from Ottawa Tulip Festival

This has nothing to do with Chinese people in general so I am really not pointing any finger at the nice Chinese folk.  What I want to share is what I see as a really gross overstepping of communist party politics on Canadian community events and organizations such as this government sponsored festival in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.  Actually I do not think many Chinese people know that the CCP is constantly putting threats and pressure of foreign gov’ts to bend to it’s policies particularly when it comes to coerced silence on human rights issues.  This coercion is backed up by trade benefits so is a really big test of people all over the world whether to choose human rights or short term cash benefit (of course I’m sure in the backs of their minds they fear the Chinese army and nukes…) 

The Tian Guo marching Band was supposed to play at the festival but were denied at the last minute saying that if the organizer had known that they were Falun Gong people, he would not have invited them. The coordinator said that because there were people in the audience from the Chinese Embassy that she did not want to upset, the band would have to immediately leave.

“This is a principle issue. We’re Canadian citizens. I thought we were a multicultural society,” Lucy Zhou, whose 12-year-old son plays in the band, said yesterday.

They were invited to play O Canada and The Maple Leaf Forever at the festival’s opening ceremonies Friday, then told they couldn’t play because organizers feared the group planned to protest against the Chinese government.


Zhou blames a “public misconception” about the group and its purpose for the cancellation of the performance. They want a public apology and to be allowed to play at Dow’s Lake next Wednesday and on May 18.”It’s outrageous for this guy to say our appearance is an insult to the festival or to the Chinese embassy,” she said. “It’s almost like the appearance of the Jews was an insult to the Nazis.”


Zhou said the group is trying to handle the dispute using their principles — truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance.  Ottawa Sun

Ottawa Citizen letter, since they are a sponsor this shows that they have some integrity and don’t push the issue under the rug because they want the festival to look good.



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  1. I don’t much care for organized religions of any stripe. I consider all of them to be cults, including all the so-called main stream religions. However, they are a legal enitity in this country and until such time as they do something that breaks the law they are as entitled as anyone else to participate in Canadian government sponsored activities. Whoever or whatever the group/committee/organization is that puts on this festival should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It is one thing to consider all the ramifications of who to invite prior to issuing such invitations; it is another to be seen to bow to the pressure of a foreign government and rescind an invitation. This country has become such a weak-kneed caricature of itself that we are forever questioning how every little action or word will offend some government, whether it be China, the U.S. or the Zamboangan Democratic Republic. All government funding should be withdrawn from these organizers or, as an alternative, their officials should be replaced by people who possess a spine.

    Comment by Powell Lucas — May 8, 2008 @ 11:56 am | Reply

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