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May 31, 2008

Flushing counter protests against dissidents. Bizarre

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Just like the cultural Revolution, many, thousands, of Chinese people have been showing up in Flushing to hoot and holler at the quit CCP centre in that area of New York.  Some say the protests were instigated by the CCP itself through consulates and various

pervading tentacles.  Whatever it is, it is crazy irrational. The  commy media have been spreading lies that Falun Gong did this or that for ten years now.  Recently their media said that Falun Gong was preventing the collection of donations for earthquake, using this as a means to incite peoples hatred and to support the CCPs persecution of Falun Gong.

In Flushing there are many Chinese people rioting and being held back by police, thank goodness we are in New York and not China where the police are the criminals who instigate these conflicts or “revolutions”.

The thing that is weird is all the shouting and no discussion and no sound reasonning, its so sad and scary.  Heres an overview by NYT


May 30, 2008

Sharon Stone talks about karma and everyone gets freaked out about it!

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So many people making comments that Sharon Stone is so cold because she asked if maybe the earthquake in China was the result of the country’s karma. She is a friend of the Dalai Lama so she sees the harm that the Chinese goverment has done to those people all the while lying and cheating to the Chinese people.

Karma is not so simple as some people think. You can’t forget that karma is connected to the idea of multiple lifetimes, so people may be innocent children in this lifetime, but they have lived many many times and the karma is on this scale. This is what I have learned about karma.  To people who believe in karma, all their sufferings are due to wrong actions committed over countless lifetimes, so maybe that’s what Sharon Stone believes.

May 23, 2008

On a positive note sentiments after the earthquake seem to be nurturing the kinder side of people in China

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Shock of consciousness’ sweeps autocratic China in wake of temblor

I know this torch relay is organized from Nazi’s and it’s a propaganda tool of CCP, but that’s not all it was.  It was also something that Chinese people thought was about China, and they have the right to love their country.

“A triumphal year is becoming ever more tense.” and there’s nothing the CCP can do but try to hide it’s nature.

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China’s soft-power failure

Li Datong

The official reaction to this series of events is part of a pattern that reveals much about how China is ruled and how its leaders think. In this sense, their response is not random but a case-study in the nature of modern governance in China.”

The CCP parasite uses the earthquake stimulated sentiments incite hatred toward CCP critics.

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Apparently a mob of Chinese people was incited by the CCP to swarm a quit CCP booth in New York.  It is said that they were paid 90$ each to come there to throw eggs at, threaten and beat people.

a mob of hundreds swarmed a small rally in Flushing where a group had a booth set up so that Chinese people could withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

What is particularly messed up is not the attacks themselves but the way it was apparently set up as a staged event to use as propaganda against the CCP’s critics.  Lot’s of Chinese media showed up at this event and:

On the video reports covering the Flushing protests released on the internet yesterday, Xinhua News, China’s state-run news outlet, said Falun Gong adherents disrupted an earthquake relief donation activity and that is why they were swarmed. No mention was made of the violent attacks or arrests.

“If you had been there when the attack [in Flushing] happened, you would have been terrified,” said Yi Rong, Vice Chairman of the service center to quit the Chinese Communist Party.

“It was as though the Cultural Revolution had started again because ‘inciting one crowd to attack the other crowd’ was a typical strategy used in China’s Cultural Revolution… I felt I was no longer in the United States.

Regime could be behind rash of protests against critics, says former CSIS agent

The Falun Dafa information center says that the CCP is using peoples emotions about the earthquake and nationalism to channel some zealotry against critics of the CCP, mainly Falun Gong.  They want to make it seem that Falun Gong is opposed to earthquake relief or something ridiculous like that.  The CCP will not stop persecuting Falun Gong because it has taken it so far already, all they can do is lie to cover their tracks, too much damage has been done.

See wikipedia for parasite, parasitoids and parasitism, this can define how the CCP takes full advantage of human beings, their weaknesses and all levels of their thinking, but, they won’t be able to truly overtake China unless they kill each person and fully erase truth. Thats my opinion.

I have never read this book, but the picture is interesting.

Why are many Chinese people against truthfulness?

This article is a nice illustration of a troubling issue that is surfacing for people to see, the issue of the people rejecting truth as if it were a troublesome phenomenon.  That is only my way of putting it though.  I think that the people have been indoctrinated by the CCP to keep truth away.  The CCP has told Chinese people that free press and freedom of expression are precursors to chaos and instability and that people must all think alike.  But that is just to keep them away from the truth about the CCP, so effectually the Chinese people are doing the CCP’s dirty work against themselves unknowingly.

Another explanation could be that the Chinese people are just really depressed and don’t care about the truth because it is more than they are prepared to deal with. I read a really touching article from CDT that really made me feel a bit better.

Wonder how some Chinese people feel about organ harvesting? Here is a really bad example, so strange.

So this youtube video of a forum held on organ harvesting in China.  Independent people did as thorough an investigation as possible.  They go to all the trouble and pain of traveling around the world  to tell people what they have  come to understand about organ harvesting.  It is so difficult, I have attended a forum of Mr. Kilgour’s on the issue and it is an uphill battle toward touching people’s’ consciences.  These investigators have no motives here.  These students came to the forum instigated by the CCP through student association.  They came knowing nothing, indoctrinated and incited.

May 22, 2008

China’s Year Of Disasters Breeds Discontent

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…..The Chinese government is also the butt of grumbling on four more earthquake-related issues.

The China Support Network has remarked, “Premier Wen Jiabao visited the disaster area, and promised that 100,000 troops would be used in the relief efforts.

“That’s remarkable, because when it was time to shoot unarmed protestors out of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the government called out 300,000 troops. Let’s compare these numbers, 100,000 versus 300,000. Tiananmen’s massacre took three times as many troops!

“So now, we can see the government’s priorities. Today’s disaster is important, but only one-third as important as stopping democracy and free speech!

The world and its media are playing the dictators’ game

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Heroic Chinese rescuers and quake survivors lead the news. But away from our TVs, the Burmese we could save are left to die

This article in The Guardian tries to figure out the reason why we are so focussed on China’s earthquake when just ahead of it there was a terrible cyclone in Burma that endangers the lives of five times as many China, or more.

My perception of the communist party of China is that they will do anything to stay in power, not because they are a decent government.  They have always acted that way, they do what they have to do to not get pitched out by the people, if lying can’t work, they must resort to actually doing some work as government.  But they’re legitimacy is still based on lying to the Chinese people otherwise they would not fear the truth so much.

I still have a hard time believing that a government in power who hates justice and truth, actually cares about people.  I think that the gov’t of Burma wants the people to die, because they have proper sanitation, so they only look forward to less people to bother with. I think the same about the Chinese current party in power.  I think the last thing they care about are human lives.  I think that they see people as tools under them, things to manipulate for power. I hope all the best for Chinese, Burmese and everyone.  

Support the peaceful uprising in Burma. Boycott Chinese goods!

Myanmar Buddhist monks gather in the streets in the vicinity of Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, 24 September 2007, the seventh day of peaceful rebellion against the country’s military regime. Journalists trying to cover the protests in Myanmar have been increasingly affected by government propaganda, censorship and violence, Reporters without Borders and the Burma Media Association said. EPA/- +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

Photo taken from Ko Htike’s blog in the UK 


May 21, 2008

Cisco Denies China Censorship Complicity

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Apparently CISCO is accused of hurting Chinese dissidents by selling their technology software to the CCP.  

I think it’s good to hold each person accountable who cares more about cash than principles, but I don’t fully blame CISCO for the CCP’s crimes, that just wouldn’t make sense. However, this evidence (power point presentation to CCP advertising the technology’s ability to crush Falun Gong, or something along those lines) is really gross.  CISCO says that those were the views of a Chinese person who designed the power point presentation, and are not acceptable, but how much of this evil corruption is happening behind the curtain?   

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