No More Chinese Communist Party

April 30, 2008

Why is the CCP incapable of rationality?

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The world doesn’t want Leninism with its shopping malls

By Chris Patten

“The Chinese have been so smart in so many areas. They devised the “one country, two systems” formula for Hong Kong. Is it really beyond the capacity of their political system to work out a formula for Tibet that recognizes its cultural and religious autonomy within the Chinese state?”

I think that the roblem with having a working two-systems plan with Tibet is that Tibetan people have been persecuted by the Communist Party.  They have tragic stories to tell and they seem to be pretty willing to stand up for themselves. The two systems of Hong Kong is different.  I think that the CCP KNOWS that resolving the Tibet issue is not at all as simple as some people are saying.  It is rationally suggested that the CCP should simply let the Dalai Lama back in and give them greater autonomy or at least allow them to voice their opinions and sentiments.  It seems easy right?  But the CCP has committed crimes against several groups and countless individuals throughout China.  These are grievances that the CCP is currently struggling to hide, twist and downplay.  So they can’t simply allow people to voice their sentiments pertaining to a whole range of issues surrounding today’s China.  The CCP is keeping everyone on a very tight rope, maximizing the coercive powers of money.  I do think that is what is keeping them afloat, the fact that they are still able to hide the facts from not only Chinese people, but most people in the world.  I do think that if repressed persons were allowed to speak, the world would not be talking about China’s ‘miracle’, they would be agast at the severe crimes hidden behind a dynamic and effective veil of corruption.

I do think all of this coming out and being a discussed topic is necessary for people to come to an understanding and for truth to be more and more prominent.  That will come when people who respect truth know the truth.  Now there are a lot of people who know, but only a handful who know AND care.  

Given the situation that the communist party has backed itself into, I don’t see how it can come out, how it can justify it’s actions without the protection of the professional liars in the party.  That’s why my only choice is to support the no more CCP movement.  I think a better way can replace the CCP very well.  


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