No More Chinese Communist Party

April 27, 2008

Chinese women sue CNN for US$1.3 billion

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Some ladies want CNN to give a dollar to every Chinese person who has their nationalism pained by comments that “they’re still the same thugs and goons as they were fifty years ago”

The CNN guy said that he apologized if he hurt Chinese peoples feelings because he did not mean Chinese people, he meant Chinese government.  This type of apology made CCP very mad.  This is a very interesting case for many reasons, especially the fact that in China, all the media is ruled by the CCP and the CCP has no journalistic integrity, they slander innocent people with blatant lies all the time.  So can people slandered by the CCP’s media ever make this kind of lawsuit?  Maybe, if the CCP didn’t rule above the courts! There is no way that the Dalai Lama could sue the CCP for inciting the Chinese people to hate him.  There is no way that innocent people could have their name cleared in this way under the CCP regime.  So it is very odd to see Chinese people taking advantage of this freedom to protect their regime from an American reporters insult!


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