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April 25, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!!!

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I am intrigued by the land of China, mainly it’s phenomenal contrasts and extremes, wondrous beauty and sometimes unfathomable psychology! 

This is a blog for dissidents to have a respected voice.  In China it is not allowed to say many things that the Communist Party says is a threat to what it calls harmony and social stability.  Recently some large groups of Chinese people in several countries have been staging protests about what they perceive as unfair reporting about China as well as anti-Tibetan sentiment.  These big events for the Chinese nationalists are not the sort that would challenge the Communist Party’s thought directives. The pro-China fervor seems to be mixed with defending the Communist Party from “Westerners” human rights concerns and taking criticism of the regime as personal insults to the Chinese people.

Are these big events pro-Communist Party events?  

If these events are expressions of people who have swallowed the Communist Party’s version of issues from Tibet, Falun Gong, Chinese history, Taiwan, to multiple other sensitive issues that have been manipulated, then what is the other side of the story?  

Is it strange that so many Chinese people gather to speak up against CNN and the BBC, while back in China no one would dare to form such a protest against Xinhua and CCTV which are communist party mouthpieces openly run by the party’s censors? Not to mention that there is no free media in China (all must repeat the party’s version on information, not to mention the great firewall).  They would be severely punished by the Communist Party in China for demonstrating for fair media.  How can this double standard exist?

What concerns me is what is lying behind the propaganda, what is really happening to China and the people, mainly, what stories do the dissidents have to tell.  It does not take bravery to side with the ruling party, and certainly not wits.  There are stories beneath the surface that are forbidden to be told and those are the stories it takes bravery and heart to tell under the repressive circumstances.

Welcome again,


Carry Anne







  1. Hi Carey Anne,

    It’s a pleasant surprise to read about your blog and I to manouver here after reading your comments in theCICAK.

    I had the ‘privillege’ to be involved in some heated discussions with Chinese students in Finland after the tsunami on Boxing day of 2004 (that’s another long story of issues of ‘brutality’ of ethnic Chinese by Indonesian Government) and what I noticed from most of their mindset are, how they had been indoctrined since young by the CCP propoganda to not accept or tolerate any form of criticism or negative comment especially towards the ‘Motherland’ and to a point anything deemed Chinese. The CCP propoganda machinery had seemed to be able to convince most young urban Chinese that all is good an rosy at home and whatever negative remarks the ‘outsiders’ are making is an insult to China. And such young and supposingly more ‘educated’ students with better worldview can even give sometimes very immature arguments that even Bush would be proud of. Take example the Cultural Revolution in the 60’s and 70’s in China where hundred millions of Chinese starved to death and also faced prosecution from the CCP which was a black mark in Chinese history. To this young Chinese, there’s nothing wrong with that because it equates to how a father teaches and punishes his own children for not listening to his instruction. I was shocked and baffled by such understanding from these young Chinese students.

    After talking to some other Chinese scholars who seemed to understand the real situation in their own country and are able to talk openly also about problems facing China in terms of human rights and freedom of expression, I begin to understand why those students have such thoughts of ultra 100% pro-China. It had been a systematic method by the CCP propoganda machinery to amplify all good of China and all things Chinese, divert the attention away from problems in China itself (example: 500-600 million poor and starving Chinese farmers) and point fingers on outsiders (namely the Westerners) as scapegoats or something for the people to vent their anger. Any outsiders that criticise China/Chinese are deemed the enemy. And with the current economic boom in China where all these ‘young single child Princes and Princesses’ whom had all the luxury in life and never endured the problems faced by their parents and grandparents in the earlier days of the CCP regime, its easy for them to buy into the idea that there’s nothing wrong in China but only with bad outsiders trying to bring them down.

    It might seemed like its almost imposibble China to change from these sort of mindset done by the CCP in the near future, I believe a bubble burst in the Chinese economy will enable the people to finally realise a change in leadership where freedom of expression and ability to disagree with the ‘big brother’ will actually bring more good than harm.

    -just an optimist hoping for the best for mankind-
    Alan Toh

    Comment by Alan Toh — May 4, 2008 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Alan, boy, thanks for sharing. Sometimes this issue is just so multifaceted and multilayered that it get s hard to understand so I think it’s really good to discuss. The reality of this situation can be really depressing. I feel really bad for the people who repeat lies and really believe in them.. Because they are actually really neat people in China, and they have some ideals and good sense, but not enough to get out of the cage. Sometimes I dont know what to do to help…

    Anyway, it’s good to hear your perspective.

    But wait, I think you have mixed the great leap forward movement with the Cultural Revolution movement… In the Cultural revolution I think around 10 million were muredered, and during the Great Leap, thats when the CCP starved about 50 million. I wonder if that was done to reduce the polpulation?

    I think I would like to write a bit about those movements now, thanks,


    Comment by carryanne — May 5, 2008 @ 11:41 am | Reply

  3. Hi
    I’m Chinese,and have never been abroad. Fortunatly I’ve read many articals recently in both English and chinese, found that bias exist in both Chinese and western media.
    It will be better to have a discuss.
    well your blog is blocked in China, it’s hard for me to get on. If you want to discuss, contact me by my MSN. 🙂

    So hard to leave a comment here…

    Comment by srh — May 6, 2008 @ 9:33 am | Reply

  4. That’s really a bummer that it’s hard for you to access some blogs. I find that is the worst thing when your government wants to control how you think by restricting access to different viewpoints, it is really wrong, because they deprive you guys of the right to think your own real stuff.

    I can’t contact you on MSN because that would put me in a difficult situation where I would be putting my computer system at risk. I hope you don’t think it is too biased to say something like that, but you must know that the CCP is very good at controlling the computer world and there are plenty of communist party people who would want me to shut up and never say anything.

    I hope the best for you, I wish there was more I could do. I am trying to help for your freedom, so just do what’s right and don’t give up okay (- :

    Comment by Carry Anne — May 6, 2008 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

  5. Well, CCP is not that bad as you think! Although they control sth, many Chinese can still get enough infomation like me.:-) Not all the Chinese are brianwashed.

    yes we don’t have so much freedom to say sth in public, we can still talk and discuss on some message board on the Internet or with our friends and teachers etc. And I don’t think there is somewhere you can say whatever you want, if so, you’ll always make someboday upset.

    CCP has done many thing wrong in the past, but it is changing, don’t always look at these “Cultural Revolution”,”famine” or sth, look at what happened in the last 30 years. Millions of people get rid of poverty because of its policy.

    yes, child slaves, corruption, environment problems, gap between the poor and the rich, human rights,etc remain problems, but compare with 20 years ago, it’s a great improvement.

    About the term “freedom”, it always has an limitation. As for the majority Chinese, it’s fine. I believe there is a connection between economic develpment and demoncracy, that is to say, things will get better.

    Comment by srh — May 6, 2008 @ 8:11 pm | Reply

  6. What you say contradicts what I think. I do not think the Cultural Revolution and famine contributed to people coming out of poverty, that is not true.

    Who decides what is ENOUGH information for you?

    Do you know how much protesting there has been all over the world when the Olympic Torch was touring? And look how much protest in China, none (except against Carrefour). Why? Because people are so scared to say anything in public.

    I am glad you are feeling that most Chinese people are not poor (although it is not true), I’m glad you feel good about your country, really, but it is easy to feel good when you don’t know the truth.

    You are not allowed to discuss things that really matter. I thought I made some very good points about the Cultural Revolution and how it relates to today, but can you discuss? I have some understandings about Falun Gong, but can you discuss? I know details about the communist party’s history and propaganda campaigns to brainwash, can you discuss?

    Many Chinese are looking like fools in the West now because they don’t know that they are brainwashed and they defend the party when it makes them look really bad. It is not fair to you and all Chinese if the party makes you not be able to understand the world.

    Anyway, I’m talking so much, please tell me what you think. (- :


    Comment by carryanne — May 6, 2008 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

  7. I’m not defending the Party, I’m just wondering if this “no more CCP” thing will work? In fact, I don’t like the CCP at all, so what? Can you change it overnight? Can you find a better one?
    Everything has its two side, don’t you think CCP had made a progress in last 20 years? so why can’t it improve in the following decades? I mean don’t always focus on the cutural revolution or sth, past is past, we cannot change it, can we?

    I have to admit that all I know is far from ENOUGH, but I’m tring, as I’ve already have the access to the Internet. (with a small software, many Chinese nowadays can break the block). yes, I’ve been brainwashed for almost 10 years, and now I’m trying to find the truth. But about the “truth”, it’s also subjective, isn’t it? Why do you think what you know is the “truth”?

    We don’t have the freedom of speech, press, protest,etc. That’s why you can find no protest in china.
    But we can discuss the Tibet, Cultural Revolution, and the famine on the Internet with you guys now, isn’t it a progress? Don’t you think it’s a good trend?

    yeah, the majority people in China is still poor, but I think it’s much better than that 60 years ago before CCP took over. And no matter how bad CCP is, I love my country. Also I think maybe you should stand in another way to look at these things, if most Chinese feel CCP is fine, why bother? 🙂 If CCP still going to do something badly, the first one to fight against it should be its people.

    Anyway, I’ll read your opinion about cultural revolution and falun gong, and try to discuss later. I gotta go, I have a class …
    see you
    (It’s really hard to post anything here, it’s the third time I try…)

    Comment by srh — May 7, 2008 @ 1:18 am | Reply

  8. Hi!

    Well if theres one good thing about firewall (not!) then it’s the fun feeling you get when you feel lucky to talk to someone who is getting through the block (- :

    A better gov’t than CCP? Well I ma not educated in policy making, but I do know that the CCP coming to power was due to the belief in communism which was and is a massive failure. The communist fervour lasted many years before people were fed up with it. Mao was pretty much an idiot when it came to actually running the country. Deng Xiaoping only won out because he went totally opposite from Mao’s economic policies (basic capitalism) It does not take a genius to implement basic capitalism and exploit the land. China has so much potential and so much idiocy that anyone could have brought it out of the shambles of Mao. Anyway, I think there are millions if not a billion people in China who can have a very positive impact on the Chinese way if there are only allowed to share.

    I think it is not so good for Chinese people to look at America as an example. China has soo much potential with this cultural history, much more advanced, very capable, so to settle for this regime is very low standard actually. They are not doing something miraculous, they are big failure in most ways, they only know how to drastically exploit. Even other gov’ts in the world are working towards sustainable development but the CCP is not in the position to think long term, it is too afraid of peoples strong minds and opinions that it just has to keep exploiting and paying off the middle class for support. Without the middle class being paid off by the extreme exploitation, the CCP would loose all support.

    It’s like a pressure cooker or a steam engine, it doesn’t work if theres a gap, the CCP is hanging by a thread I find.

    Didi you know that in China there are actually a lot of protests? Yeah, there are tens of thousands of protests throughout China every year, but the media covers it up or distorts the facts. A lot of people are upset about the poison water and the CCP stealing their land and kicking them out. Theres a movie playing here called ‘Up the Yangze’ I want to go see it.

    Theres actually no balance and harmony, only drastic extreme measures by the CCP which is not the way to run a real government. A real gov’t doesnt have to fear the people so much and hide the history and info…I hope China can have the peaceful and beautiful culture it used to respect…

    I think nature will decide what will happen, I just want to tell the truth because I feel lucky to have information and other people deserve it too.

    Comment by carryanne — May 7, 2008 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

  9. thanks much, dude

    Comment by foneesisa — October 5, 2008 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

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