No More Chinese Communist Party

April 25, 2008

Canadians’ Rights threatened by Chinese Communist Party.

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Caylan Ford, New Tang Dynasty. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Bill Graveland.New Tang believes the consulate pressured tourism groups to withdraw their planned support of the New-York-based Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. The troupe has shows scheduled in both Edmonton and Calgary.

“We believe that by doing that the Chinese consul general has overstepped his diplomatic duties as defined by the Vienna Convention on consular affairs,” New Tang spokeswoman Caylan Ford said Thursday.  -CP


Apparently the Chinese consul general has pressured companies in Calgary Canada to shun it’s planned sponsorship for the Chinese New Year Spectacular.  The Embassy’s website also threatened spectators (Chinese) that they would be monitored and punished for going to see the show.  This is what my blog is about, understanding the untold story of the people will will not go see this show because they are afraid of being punished by the Communist Party.  My feeling is that this is much more common than it looks on the surface and there is a real threat from the Communist Party toward issues that frankly, make it feel scared.  But if this party is scared of Chinese peoples rights in Canada, it is important that the Communist Party is not allowed to deny these people their canadian rights.  This TV station is speaking up and telling the story about the Communist Party overstepping the boundary of it’s duties as the Chinese consul in Canada.



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