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April 30, 2008

Why is the CCP incapable of rationality?

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The world doesn’t want Leninism with its shopping malls

By Chris Patten

“The Chinese have been so smart in so many areas. They devised the “one country, two systems” formula for Hong Kong. Is it really beyond the capacity of their political system to work out a formula for Tibet that recognizes its cultural and religious autonomy within the Chinese state?”

I think that the roblem with having a working two-systems plan with Tibet is that Tibetan people have been persecuted by the Communist Party.  They have tragic stories to tell and they seem to be pretty willing to stand up for themselves. The two systems of Hong Kong is different.  I think that the CCP KNOWS that resolving the Tibet issue is not at all as simple as some people are saying.  It is rationally suggested that the CCP should simply let the Dalai Lama back in and give them greater autonomy or at least allow them to voice their opinions and sentiments.  It seems easy right?  But the CCP has committed crimes against several groups and countless individuals throughout China.  These are grievances that the CCP is currently struggling to hide, twist and downplay.  So they can’t simply allow people to voice their sentiments pertaining to a whole range of issues surrounding today’s China.  The CCP is keeping everyone on a very tight rope, maximizing the coercive powers of money.  I do think that is what is keeping them afloat, the fact that they are still able to hide the facts from not only Chinese people, but most people in the world.  I do think that if repressed persons were allowed to speak, the world would not be talking about China’s ‘miracle’, they would be agast at the severe crimes hidden behind a dynamic and effective veil of corruption.

I do think all of this coming out and being a discussed topic is necessary for people to come to an understanding and for truth to be more and more prominent.  That will come when people who respect truth know the truth.  Now there are a lot of people who know, but only a handful who know AND care.  

Given the situation that the communist party has backed itself into, I don’t see how it can come out, how it can justify it’s actions without the protection of the professional liars in the party.  That’s why my only choice is to support the no more CCP movement.  I think a better way can replace the CCP very well.  


The Global Human Rights Torch Relay travels around the world to speak up about the situation with China

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I do not yet know a lot about this movement, but I am a fan of peaceful solutions and this seems to fit the bill.  If you go to the site, you can click ‘Relay Route’ and see when it comes near you.  Please let me know the atmosphere if you happen to attend.  I am really wishing for some resolutions about China and what will happen next.  

I know that the CCP has cracked down even harder on dissidents leading up to the Olympics in order to have the appearance of social harmony as they call it.  So I definitely think that the Olympics is being used by the Chinese government as a propaganda tool.  It is a real pity for the Chinese nations that their own government is ruining something they have been looking forward to like this.

“The Human Rights Torch Relay (HRTR) is a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics of the Chinese communist regime’s human rights crimes, providing a platform for all persecuted groups to speak. The HRTR strongly condemns the arrest of 1878 Falun Gong followers since January 1st 2008; Chinese regime’s ruthless crackdown in Tibet; support of corrupt regimes in Burma and Darfur; and persecution of Christians, lawyers, reporters and all who have effectively become “prisoners of the Olympics” as a consequence of China’s pre-Olympics whitewash. 

The Tibetan, Burmese, and Vietnamese communities, the Darfur Support Network (Sudan), Chinese democracy groups, student groups, former Olympians, and representatives from sports and politics are among the relay participants. The HRTR was initiated by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG).”

The Capital Times

San Francisco Chronicle

I have heard “Olympic Spirit” recently in debates about the torches and China and human rights.  What does it mean?  Maybe setting aside differences and being friendly among nations for a good-time event.  

April 27, 2008

Chinese women sue CNN for US$1.3 billion

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Some ladies want CNN to give a dollar to every Chinese person who has their nationalism pained by comments that “they’re still the same thugs and goons as they were fifty years ago”

The CNN guy said that he apologized if he hurt Chinese peoples feelings because he did not mean Chinese people, he meant Chinese government.  This type of apology made CCP very mad.  This is a very interesting case for many reasons, especially the fact that in China, all the media is ruled by the CCP and the CCP has no journalistic integrity, they slander innocent people with blatant lies all the time.  So can people slandered by the CCP’s media ever make this kind of lawsuit?  Maybe, if the CCP didn’t rule above the courts! There is no way that the Dalai Lama could sue the CCP for inciting the Chinese people to hate him.  There is no way that innocent people could have their name cleared in this way under the CCP regime.  So it is very odd to see Chinese people taking advantage of this freedom to protect their regime from an American reporters insult!

Was Falun Gong “getting political” or was it defending itself from persecution? a two sided story.

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-On April 25, 1999 about ten thousand Falun Gong people from all over China showed up at the government compound in Beijing (Zhongnanhai).  

Falun Gong people say it was not organized, just that a lot of people were getting worried about the stance the government was taking toward Falun Gong…The Falun Gong people are very well connected through internet.

-There had been a particularly critical news article that said it was bad to practice Falun Gong and some practitioners went to the newspaper office to tell their opinion on Falun Gong (since obviously they think the newspaper was wrong). Practitioners were detained and eventually 45 people were detained and or beaten due to this appeal.  This is what led to the big appeal at Zhongnanhai.  Also, it is reported that the CCP was persecuting Falun Gong behind the scenes for a couple of years already at that point.  According to Falun Gong websites, they just wanted to ask the government to help clear things up and… appeal.  They were herded around the compound by security and it was not their intention to “besiege” the government building…

This incident and subsequent Falun Gong actions have been utilized by the CCP to demonize Falun Gong.  Demonizing Falun Gong is the CCP mandate as per the orders of Jiang Zemin.  The CCP tells that Falun Gong is out to “destabilize China” and is working with “anti China forces” to overthrow the government and things like that.  People might believe this more now that the CCP’s lies about the Dalai Lama have become more public.  

The CCP plays on Chinese peoples wish for a nice country and when it wants to persecute some group, it tells the Chinese people lies about the group and wins support.  This website, WOIPFG has thorough accounts of how the propaganda machine works. 


Beijing, 1999, Falun Gong appeal.

In Clear Wisdom articles you can see the Falun Gong peoples accounts of what this is all about and what they want to say.   Pages like Falun Info are good for tracking the persecution.

 I welcome peoples opinions since dialogue is really key in getting to the heart of the matter.

April 25, 2008

Canadians’ Rights threatened by Chinese Communist Party.

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Caylan Ford, New Tang Dynasty. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Bill Graveland.New Tang believes the consulate pressured tourism groups to withdraw their planned support of the New-York-based Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. The troupe has shows scheduled in both Edmonton and Calgary.

“We believe that by doing that the Chinese consul general has overstepped his diplomatic duties as defined by the Vienna Convention on consular affairs,” New Tang spokeswoman Caylan Ford said Thursday.  -CP


Apparently the Chinese consul general has pressured companies in Calgary Canada to shun it’s planned sponsorship for the Chinese New Year Spectacular.  The Embassy’s website also threatened spectators (Chinese) that they would be monitored and punished for going to see the show.  This is what my blog is about, understanding the untold story of the people will will not go see this show because they are afraid of being punished by the Communist Party.  My feeling is that this is much more common than it looks on the surface and there is a real threat from the Communist Party toward issues that frankly, make it feel scared.  But if this party is scared of Chinese peoples rights in Canada, it is important that the Communist Party is not allowed to deny these people their canadian rights.  This TV station is speaking up and telling the story about the Communist Party overstepping the boundary of it’s duties as the Chinese consul in Canada.


Welcome to my new blog!!!

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I am intrigued by the land of China, mainly it’s phenomenal contrasts and extremes, wondrous beauty and sometimes unfathomable psychology! 

This is a blog for dissidents to have a respected voice.  In China it is not allowed to say many things that the Communist Party says is a threat to what it calls harmony and social stability.  Recently some large groups of Chinese people in several countries have been staging protests about what they perceive as unfair reporting about China as well as anti-Tibetan sentiment.  These big events for the Chinese nationalists are not the sort that would challenge the Communist Party’s thought directives. The pro-China fervor seems to be mixed with defending the Communist Party from “Westerners” human rights concerns and taking criticism of the regime as personal insults to the Chinese people.

Are these big events pro-Communist Party events?  

If these events are expressions of people who have swallowed the Communist Party’s version of issues from Tibet, Falun Gong, Chinese history, Taiwan, to multiple other sensitive issues that have been manipulated, then what is the other side of the story?  

Is it strange that so many Chinese people gather to speak up against CNN and the BBC, while back in China no one would dare to form such a protest against Xinhua and CCTV which are communist party mouthpieces openly run by the party’s censors? Not to mention that there is no free media in China (all must repeat the party’s version on information, not to mention the great firewall).  They would be severely punished by the Communist Party in China for demonstrating for fair media.  How can this double standard exist?

What concerns me is what is lying behind the propaganda, what is really happening to China and the people, mainly, what stories do the dissidents have to tell.  It does not take bravery to side with the ruling party, and certainly not wits.  There are stories beneath the surface that are forbidden to be told and those are the stories it takes bravery and heart to tell under the repressive circumstances.

Welcome again,


Carry Anne